The Competition SubSolution


The sound (quantity & quality) of any of the multi-driver SubSolutions is hard to describe. They really must be auditioned personally to be appreciated (and believed!). The utilization of several small, efficient drivers (in this case four 6.5″), working in unison, produce such a powerful, sudden impact of sound that you hear (and feel) more subtle details of the music than with any other type of woofer system. The super high efficiency of the SubSolution driver means that it can put out more SPL per watt than other drivers twice its size!

The Competition SubSolution will fit 95% of all vehicles (since it can be thru deck ported for sedans). Durable charcoal gray finish. Extremely high sound-to-size ratio exclusively from Acoustic Solutions’ IntraPortTM Technology.

Dimensions: 26.4″x16″x11″
Driver: Four, SCCTM SubSolution drivers, 4/1 ohm, 880W